What kind of social media fascinate you most?

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about “social media?”

For most of us, it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. This giant attracts billions of people every day. However, social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram only represent one of the various types of social media platform.

As technology and the internet reach every part of the world. People start connecting with people all around the world. Social Media gave us a new way to live life, share our thoughts, pictures, videos. provides us with an opportunity to take part in whatever happens on our planets. okay, let’s leave this topic here and now let’s wonder about a different kind of Social media.

A social media where our thought, feeling and interest are more valuable than our looks and the number of followers we have on that platform. Kind of social media where we would not judge anyone by their social status, How well or unhappy we are online. Where we are not a friend of each other but we become a soulmate.Where We share our dream, emotion and where our freedom of expression matter. I feel that these days most of social media main focus is to show ads and earn money. Whenever we look at the post of a celebrity with luxurious things somehow our mind start thinking about why we have not that type of luxurious life. But I think Enjoying the journey and accepting life as it is — -that is the gift. The results are what is celebrated in society, but true inner peace and happiness come from celebrating the journey without comparing our life with others. Anyway, let’s come to the topic. In my opinion, not all social media is fit for everyone. Some people like to share their feeling, art, talents rather than their looks. I meet many people that don’t like to share their pictures on social media but internally they very curious and they want to share their feelings about how they look at life and the world. Science called them introvert, they don’t like to be more social but they want to express their feeling and internal talents. for them emotion is not measured by emoji but true by feeling. They are very emotionally sensitive. and to be honest I am also an introvert and sometimes my mind wonders how cool it if there’s a social media where we share our thoughts and connect with similar minded people where we understand each other feeling and we are appreciated as we are irrespective of our looks and how rich or poor we are. Where our religion is humanity. My primary focus to write this article is to encourage you to ask a question yourself about Who you are and what type of social media you prefer most….So take some time to think about this topic.

Best of luck